Security Officer

Job Title:                     Security Officer

Duty station: Uganda

Reporting to: Administration Manager


Job Purpose

The Security Officer will be accountable for the safety and security of EADB property, staff and the general public using EADB premises and also responsible for developing and implementing appropriate policies and systems to maintain safety and security in area of jurisdiction. The job holder will be responsible for developing and rolling-out security and safety awareness programmes; carrying out day-to-day safety and security related duties to prevent breaches and address vulnerabilities in addition to leading responses to actual security attacks and safety incidents.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop for management’s approval safety and security policies to protect staff, visitors and users of EADB premises. Prepare procedure manuals for monitoring movement and granting access to restricted areas. Oversee and guide the processing of personnel clearances.
  • Work with the appropriate technical operational managers in gathering and assessing vulnerability and threat information to facilitate security and safety tracking and analysis. Carry out business impact analysis as required. Participate in the development of business practices that enable, and are enabled by, strong security systems. Advocate for the incorporation of security components and processes into the Bank’s operational procedures.
  • Work with the risk management team to understand and establish acceptable security risk levels, and proactively reduce potential incidents that pose business continuity threats through effective safety and security programs.
  • Constantly monitor and update management on the security environment in all EADB member states. Carry out security assessments and safety management reviews in all EADB locations and provide management with recommendations for action and/or work directly to implement action plans. Interface with government agencies on security related issues. Keep abreast with and advise management on developments in the industry and establish up to date security management systems.
  • Provide expert advice on security related matters. Gather information from other international organisations and institutions, and represent EADB in security meetings with other agencies.
  • Track and ensure that classified information entrusted to the company is properly safeguarded as outlined in the security policy. Ensure adequate monitoring of the security infrastructure.
  • Participate in establishing and updating business recovery/contingency plans and/or procedures. Participate in disaster management during any incidents and emergencies. Prepare emergence evacuation plans and organise training for staff and tenant on fire, occupant safety, fire drill, first Aid and other related crime/ incident preventive courses.
  • Be on call and on 24 hours and 7 days’ alert for any emergencies. Undertake the lead role in safety and security incident management. Respond quickly and co-ordinate responses to security breaches or other incidents. In the event of a security breach or other incident, ensure that any necessary evidence is secured and undertake appropriate measures to prevent further damage. Assist with disciplinary and legal matters associated with such breaches as necessary.
  • Facilitate crime prevention by monitoring all access controls daily and ensuring their full coverage. Investigate and report to management security incidents or threats / breach expected to occur for appropriate action.
  • Communicate regularly relevant technical, operational and strategic information to staff across the institution on matters relating to security, safety and disaster management.
  • Prepare and conduct appropriate security education and awareness programs to sensitize staff and management on security and safety risks and their obligations in curbing them. Such should training on disasters; fire and bomb procedures and use of technical equipment such as fire extinguishers.
  • Deploy efficient, effective and adequate Security guards and police / private guards at EADB premise to ensure all key places and access controls are covered. Monitor their attendance and vigilance daily to ensure discipline is observed. Enforce appropriate service-level agreements. Take action against indiscipline and misconduct. Develop and implement duty and leave rosters. Chair team meetings, and carryout welfare and performance appraisal / assessment. Prepare and process monthly payments for the outsourced services and participate in the security team training.
  • Ensure that all safety and security equipment is operated and maintained within approved guidelines including the implementation and maintenance of appropriate controls.
  • Attend to the grievances or complaints in line with security & safety from staff, tenants or visitors and take appropriate actions that will maintain a good image of security unit and entire Bank. Help staff and tenants in matters that require police or court action.
  • Manage and control the parking area to ensure staff, tenants and Bank visitors’ parking is safely and effectively utilized.
  • Work with the Internal Auditors and outside consultants, as appropriate, to carry out independent security audits. Liaise with the Estates personnel and other teams to ensure successful day-to-day running of established safety and security systems.
  • Carryout any other duties assigned by Management.


Qualifications and Experience

  • Degree or higher national diploma from a recognised institution of learning
  • At least 7 years in Police CID / military VIP protection Unit at a managerial level
  • Ability to assess and prevent any danger


Other Attributes

  • Planning and organising skills
  • High level of Integrity and confidentiality
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Results orientation and attention to detail
  • Imitative and pro-activity
  • Good Oral and written communication and presentation skills.

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