EADB to receive USD 40 million line of credit from the African Development Bank

The East African Development Bank (EADB) is to receive a Line of Credit (LoC) of USD 40 million from the African Development Bank (AfDB) to assist in the long-term financing of projects to aid the development of the East African region.

The AfDB Board of Directors approved the LoC on 15 October 2014. The Board noted the importance of the EADB in promoting the development of its member states – Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda – and in supporting regional integration within the East African Community.  Burundi has applied to become a member state.

The EADB invests in projects in various sectors including infrastructure, manufacturing, tourism, agriculture, transport and education and health, aimed at increasing the growth and prosperity of the East African region and its people.

The proposed LoC has a tenure of ten years. This term helps the EADB to fulfil its mandate by funding projects that need long-term funding, such as infrastructure work, schools, agricultural projects and manufacturing projects, as long-term finance can be difficult to source in the East Africa region.

This will be the eighth LoC to EADB since its establishment, underlining the long-term strategic partnership between AfDB and EADB.

In 2013, the EADB received USD 24 million in additional equity investment from the AfDB to further strengthen EADB’s capital and to enhance EADB’s creditworthiness, resulting in an AfDB shareholding of 11%.The equity was supported by a USD 900,000 technical assistance support facility, currently under implementation.

EADB has successfully implemented a turnaround strategy after a significant legal dispute affected its operations in 2008/9. The EADB has since successfully strengthened its policies and internal structures, continues to grow its balance sheet and sustained profitability

EADB is now in the third ‘growth’ phase of its Strategic Plan, which aims to increase support to projects in East Africa and its portfolio. It has a strong project pipeline requiring external funding resources. The new LoC plays an important catalytic role in this regard.

EADB is currently rated ““Ba1” by Moody’s, with stable outlook.  This rating reflects the institutions’ stable financial profile.

EADB was rated Best Performing Development Finance Institution in 2013 by the Association of African Development Finance Institutions.

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