Academia-Public-Private Partnership Forum and Exhibitions 2016

The Inter-University Council for East Africa (IUCEA), the East African Business Council (EABC) and the East African Development Bank (EADB) are jointly organising the Academia-Public-Private Partnership Forum and Exhibitions 2016, which will be held under the theme Quality Education, Research and Innovation as Drivers of New Economies in the EAC. The Forum, which will be hosted by the Aga Khan University, an IUCEA member university, is expected to demonstrate some of the practical outputs emanating from research and innovation in the region, in the form of innovative products and services to drive the new economies, focusing on ICT, tourism, agro-industry, financial services, and oil and gas. Other discussions will focus on the establishment of centres of excellence in East Africa, including the Eastern and Southern Africa Higher Education Centres of Excellence (ACE II) project (supported by the World Bank), East Africa’s Centres of Excellence for Skills and Tertiary Education in Biomedical Sciences (supported by African Development Bank), and the proposed centres of excellence in humanities and social sciences (supported by IUCEA). Finally, there will be a session on the implications of the declaration of East Africa as a Common Higher education Area.


The Forum organisers – IUCEA, EABC and EADB – are in a partnership aimed at providing the point of connection between knowledge and human resources produced by higher education institutions in the region on the one hand, and the dissemination of the same to the private sector for their eventual diffusion into the productive, social and service sectors on the other. One of the joint activities under the partnership is to jointly organising dialogue forums and exhibitions, aimed at enhancing the linkage between the private sector and higher education institutions through engagement with the public sector. These Forums provide a fertile engagement environment for promoting the utilisation of higher education research output and innovations by the private sector/business community.

Dates and Venue for the Forum

The 2016 Forum will be held on October 20-21 2016 at the Diamond Jubilee Hall, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The decision to host the Forum at the university is to encourage participation of academic and non-academic staff, students and the general public.

Structure of the Forum

After the official opening of the Forum, there will be a keynote presentation to address the theme by introducing participants to how higher education is contributing to the new economies through innovative management frameworks. The keynote presentations will be followed by other plenary presentations providing different perspectives around the theme as guided by the following three sub-themes: (i) emergence and implications of the new economies within the EAC (ICT, tourism, agro-industry, financial services, oil and gas) (ii) role of the Centres of Excellence in creating synergies for the new economies; and (iii) implications of the declaration of East Africa as a Common Higher Education Area.

Forum Participants

The Forum will be open to all relevant stakeholders in East Africa and beyond, with specific focus on the following: the business community in East Africa; EAC Secretariat, Organs and Institutions; heads of higher education institutions; heads of national commissions and councils for higher education and national commissions and councils for science and technology in the EAC Partner States; other relevant government institutions and ministries; international organisations; NGOs; academics; young innovators; students; SMEs; private individuals; the media; African Centres of Excellence; and any other stakeholders in academia and the private and public sectors in the EAC Partner States. Participation will be at the participants’ own full cost, except in a few specific cases where the costs will be covered by the organisers (EABC, EADB and IUCEA).


The Forum will run in parallel with exhibitions, in which products and services emanating from research and innovations from universities and private sector will be showcased as a way of promoting and enhancing academia-public-private partnerships. The key message in the exhibitions will be that whereas publication of research findings in peer reviewed journals is good, translating these research findings into innovative products and services that can be commercialised and/or inform policy is greater.  Higher education, private sector and government institutions and other stakeholders are invited to participate in the exhibitions.

Registration for the Forum and Exhibitions

Those interested to participate in the Forum and/or Exhibitions should register online at by September 30 2016. Prospective participants who may be unable to register online should inform the organisers using the following e-mail addresses: or or

Appeal for Funding and Other Support

The Forum organisers hereby appeal to the private sector, the general business community, government institutions and international organisations, member institutions of IUCEA and EABC, and individuals, for financial contributions or to provide any other support to facilitate organisation of the Academia-Public-Private Partnership Forum and Exhibitions 2016. All financial contributions should be made in favour of either EABC or IUCEA by bank transfer or banker’s cheque. Further details on financial contributions can be obtained from the IUCEA Executive Secretary at