PlanËte terre vÈgÈtale

Partnership for Clean Development

Climate change remains one of the biggest obstacles to the attainment of sustainable socio-economic development. East African countries are particularly vulnerable due to their weak economies and heavy reliance on agriculture, which is less resilient to negative impacts of climate change.

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EADB’s Role in Regional Integration

EADB has been at the forefront of regional development initiatives over the last four decades. While progress has been made with increasing macroeconomic and government stability, a favourable business environment and strong institutions within the region, important bottlenecks remain.

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Capital Markets Development

EADB recognizes the importance of having vibrant and diversified regional capital markets as a critical force for regional integration. Towards this end, EADB has championed the strengthening and deepening of the region’s capital markets through its local currency resource mobilization programs (issuance of bonds).

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