Climate Change

Climate change is now recognised as one of the biggest challenges to socio-economic development. The attendant changes in weather patterns and unpredictable floods and droughts pose a challenge to planning for the member states of the Bank. Indeed, all East African Countries are dependent on climate-sensitive economic sectors, such as agriculture, for output and income generation. Further, due to their low level of development, they are less resilient to negative effects of climate change.

Therefore, it is important that all development actors within the East African region promote a drive to a low carbon economy or green growth through promotion of actions for adaptation and /or mitigation of climate change. This will require promotion of climate friendly products, markets, technologies, investments, and consumption behaviour

It is recognised that the drive to a low carbon economy requires significant investment by both private and public sectors.

EADB will support programmes, policies, projects and technologies aimed at scaling up the level of green growth and which contribute towards a low carbon economy.